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    Welcome to our Wilderness Fellowship Maple Syrup page. Our syrup comes in different sized bottles and can be purchased by the bottle or the case. We usually have quarts, pints and one specialty type bottle available.

    All of our syrup is made from sap harvested on site by a multitude of volunteers or the vacuum system. It is then processed in a wood fired evaporator and finally bottled at a commercial bottling plant not far from The Wilderness Fellowship.

    If you are interested in purchasing some of our maple syrup you can contact us and we would be happy to try to help make arrangements for pick up either here at our office or perhaps put you in contact with someone closer to you who may have some on hand or put you in touch with some places that carry our product.

    We are hoping to find additional outlets for the syrup so as this list grows we can let you know through this site about new locations where it is available. If you know of any place that might be interested in carrying our product please let us know.

    Check out our gallery to see the process of making syrup in action.

    If you are interested in using our product for your fund raising effort we'd be happy to talk with you about that and help you get product.

    All Wilderness Fellowship Maple Syrup sales first help cover the costs of producing the syrup, all remaining funds go to meeting the over all operating expenses of The Wilderness Fellowship Ministries located in Frederic, Wisconsin.

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